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We have the know-how you need.

MKM offers a wide variations of Plastering services to include the following :

  • Lath and Lime Renders

  • Krend

  • EWI Insulated Systems

  • All Coloured Renders

  • Acrylic Renders

  • Traditional Renders

  • Floor Screeds

  • Dry Lining

  • Metal Partitions

  • Plaster Boarding

Signature Projects :

MKM are markets leaders in the use of Lath and Lime render and its various purposes.

See before and after of this product which can be used for various aspects of the restoration process.

- Lime render allows the structure to breath, it is more flexible than OPC based products. Lime render is proven over time to provide strength and durability and this system is also heritage approved.

This system provides strength that helps reduce movement in the joints. Lime render can be used with modern and traditional building materials for enhanced workability and performance.

- Used for plastering or dubbing out irregular backgrounds and where heavier coats are required

- Can be used also as a hydraulic lime floor screed.


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